Data Base Administrator

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This individual is an integral part of the team that develops and implements information technology strategies, platforms, and solutions that meet current and future business needs. 

General Functions

The primary focus will be performing all aspects of data and information management and database administrative tasks. 



* Bachelor degree in computer science and related field

* Must possess knowledge of relational databases; ability to create table schemas, indexes, keys, rules, constraints, etc. 

* Must be able to write stored procedures, queries and work with non-SQL data sources 

* Must possess the ability to administer MSSQL servers, automate and monitor maintenance jobs, manage and maintain proper backup and business continuity and disaster recovery procedures according to IT policy 

* Must possess core knowledge of Microsoft technologies, including .Net 2.0, Windows OS, and MSOffice applications 

* Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are required 

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required 

* Must possess the ability to work with and talk to end users 



 * Design, develop and implement complex data models using industry standard tools 

* Design, construct and implement physical databases 

* Develop, revise and implement policies, standards, procedures and guidelines necessary to effectively administer the database environment 

* Plan and conduct structured testing of database designs to confirm functionality and performance 

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Bachelor degree in computer science and related field